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IV Sedation

At Dental Surgeons Ltd, we understand that fear of the dentist is common and can lead to putting off essential dental work, which may result in infections, broken teeth, and compromised oral hygiene. Our dentist, Dr. Cygan DDS, offers IV sedation, a safe and effective method to calm your nerves and provide you with a stress-free dental experience.

Overcome your fear of the dentist with IV Sedation in Wheaton

Reduced Fear and anxiety

For those experiencing fear and anxiety about dental care, IV Sedation Dentistry is a game-changer. Our experienced team administers IV sedation, allowing you to feel calm and relaxed during your dental treatments, ensuring you get the care you need without anxiety.

Have a big procedure coming up?

Ideal For Complex Procedures

When facing complex dental procedures, IV Sedation is the perfect solution. It enables patients to undergo lengthy and intricate treatments comfortably, eliminating any concerns about discomfort or anxiety.

Rapid Onset And Recovery

With IV Sedation, you'll experience a rapid onset of relaxation, which means we can promptly begin your dental procedure. The best part is that the sedation effect wears off quickly after the treatment, allowing for a smooth and swift recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions.

IV sedation dentistry involves administering sedative drugs intravenously to induce deep relaxation and reduce consciousness in the patient during dental procedures. This type of sedation is used for patients with dental anxiety, strong gag reflex, or extensive dental work. A trained professional monitors the patient’s vital signs to ensure safety and comfort. Patients remain conscious but in a highly relaxed and drowsy state. 

The impact of IV sedation can endure for a minimum of 12 hours following the procedure. However, the complete effects of IV sedation typically dissipate within 24 hours.

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